One sharp woman that knows her stuff

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Nancy Paul. She is one sharp woman that knows her stuff and is good at what she does. Nancy and I are wrapping up a 9 month adventure together. It has been an exciting ride.

I appreciated the monthly accountability meetings with Nancy. She would send us over scholarships that she felt was a good fit for my son, we always felt in order to be successful we needed to get our “homework” done before our next meeting with Nancy. She was able to do this by getting to know my son and what he was all about, and by helping us to always stay on point during this very busy Senior year.


Nancy also helped to guide us in the application process for schools, to range from dream school to more reachable schools. It has been great having her in our lives and we feel that our relationship will not end here, she is only an email away. Thank you Nancy!”


Brenda and Beau Fairless (UCLA Freshmen)


Fantastic book! I really enjoyed reading it!

“Nancy, fantastic book! I really enjoyed reading it. You got right to the point, highlighted important areas, and the content you provided was great! This book should definitely be read by everyone interested in reducing his or her college expenses. Thank you for putting a fabulous book together!”

Dr. Jeff Haig, Educator and Owner of Strategic College Consulting


A must read for college-bound students and parents.

“As a College Advisor at a public high school, I am asked constantly about paying for college. How do I answer that question?? I turn to Nancy Paul, an expert in the field of how to find money for college to help keep the ever-rising costs of college down. I was immediately impressed with Nancy’s extensive knowledge and expertise. She absolutely ‘knows her stuff’ and best of all knows exactly how to present it to parents and students so it is not overwhelming. The response to Nancy’s first presentation at CHS was so favorable we brought her in to speak to 9th to 11th graders and their parents with once again an enthusiastic response from all in attendance.”

Nancy has written a handbook that should be mandatory reading for parents and students as soon as the college search begins. This is not about Financial Aid — this is about money students can receive based on their talents, sports, grades, interests, etc. Do yourself a favor: Read this book, get informed and apply for those scholarships! You can’t go wrong!”

Robin Lutsky, Calabasas High School, Calabasas, California


Do You Know How Many Scholarships Are Out There To Help You Pay For College?

“The author, Nancy Paul, is the consummate expert on merit scholarships. This book is jam-packed full of information about how to obtain a scholarship that is not need-based. It is a “must read” for anyone who has kids that will be going to college. Even if your kids are young, it’s a good idea to read this now!! There is a lot of money/scholarships out there to be had to assist you in affording college. If someone’s going to get it, it might as well be you! Read Paul’s book – you won’t regret it!”

Janine Gershon, parent of 3


Easy and packed with important information.

“This [The Little Book About Scholarships] is a must-read little book. Quick, easy and packed with important information.”

Rosemary B.


Our family is so grateful for you.

“What a fantastic program and opportunity you found for Talia.
Our family is so grateful for you.”

Kristine, mother of 9th grade private coaching client


You were like Tony Robbins.

“Nancy, thank you so much for having us at your event. It was great to see you speak and like I said, you were like Tony Robbins (George said that on his videotaped testimonial). Usually, when I’m listening to speakers, I’m thinking about a million other things, but you had my attention all day and you and your girls really inspired me.
I’m so happy we have you to help us.”

Robyn, mother of 10th grade private coaching client


She is exceptional because she is also able to change and improve people’s lives.

“All of us who are in the business of providing professional services think that what we do adds value to our clients and we take pride in doing so. In rare instances there are service providers that are able to go beyond just adding value. Nancy Paul with Three Wishes Scholarships is one of those that not only adds value for her clients, but also is exceptional because she is also able to change and improve people’s lives.”

Craig Cahow, businessman and father


I have learned to take initiative for myself.

“Since meeting with Nancy, I have learned how to take initiative for myself, and how to make high school as productive and enjoyable as possible. Preparing for college might sound stressful at first, but once you have the tools to stay organized and motivated it can be such an exciting experience.”

Reni, 10th grade


Helping children become the people they aspire to become.

“Your presentation and your mission holds tremendous value for all families facing the daunting process of helping children become the people they aspire to become.”

Beth B. Pattee, mother of 5


Your sincere caring about all our kids.

“Again, thank you for your sincere caring about all our kids.”

Kristine, mother of 8th grade private coaching client


You helped her step up to take the lead and make it happen.

“I think we had a very good start coaching with you. I appreciate your encouragement and compliments to her. She quickly became comfortable talking to you. Building her confidence is one of my main goals. The biggest success was the performance at the senior center. Your constant checking in and suggestions on how to find a place were helpful. You helped her step up to take the lead and important too.”

Jessica, mother of 9th grade coaching client


A great counselor.

“Thank you for being such a great counselor!”

Joanna, 9th grade


I found scholarships that fit.

“The Boot Camp was so informative and such a great value. I found scholarships that my son qualifies for on the same day!”

Phil H., father


You have loads to offer.

“You were wonderful last night at the forum! I came home to so many emails from grateful parents. You have loads to offer and are excellent at presenting what you know. Thank you SO much for your valuable contribution to our SPHS community.”

Stephanie Foley, South Pasadena High School, PTSA First Vice-President


Students will have a most positive experience discovering scholarships to
match their special uniqueness and talents.

“Students will be all the more sensitive during the college application process when they understand financial implications for their parents with the cost of attending college. Through the valuable information from The Little Book About Scholarships, along with early research and partnering with parents, students will have a most positive experience discovering scholarships to match their special uniqueness and talents.”

Patricia Croner, College Consultant, The College Match, Westlake Village


I will recommend you to everyone I know.

“Thank you so much Nancy. I will recommend you to everyone as I know this is a very niche part of the college process and come to find out many of the people I know really don’t know how to navigate this process. I know that even though most of the people that we know have $$$ why should they spend it all on college for their kids?”

Rose Osder, mother

A lifeboat in the sea of scholarship confusion.

“Nancy’s Roadmap to College Cash is a lifeboat in the sea of scholarship confusion, anxiety, and misinformation. With this class you will leave the worry behind and take the concrete steps necessary to maximize your college dollar
and fund your child’s higher education.”

Sara Sherman, mother of 3


Concrete tips to find more money for college.

“The Three Wishes Scholarship boot camp exceeded all our expectations. Nancy offered passionate and exhaustive help with concrete tips to find more money for our child’s education. Finally, we have a plan that makes sense. Highly recommended.”

Bill and Terri, parents of a senior


We saved so much time.

“It takes paying less for college from out of reach to attainable!
You gave us practical steps to finding scholarships. We could have put in many more hours and not gotten as far as we did with you. We had no idea there are so many opportunities.
We saved so much time and were focused. This boot camp was so helpful. Thank you!”

David and Rebecca Crall, parents


Very productive and useful meeting.

“Thank you Nancy! It was a very productive and useful meeting for us.”

Suzie Kane, mother


It’s so useful to know what you need to do to get ready.

“You offered very practical, no fluff, useful information.
I love that you’re not just pointing out scholarship programs for seniors. It’s so useful to know what you need to do to get ready and how our kids can get qualified to apply. I had no idea there was someone who could help me with scholarships. I like knowing I’m going in the right direction. What a great service!”

Laurie T., mother of 4


Thank you for helping me prepare.

“Dear Nancy,
My scoutmaster conference went great! Thank you for helping me prepare for my Eagle Scout interview. I was more comfortable and it ways easier to talk to my scoutmaster.”

Sincerely, Justin N., 10th grade private coaching client


Your educating this grandmother has been very valuable.

“Dear Nancy Paul,
I want to thank you for the education that you have given to me about merit scholarships. All my life I have wondered how children can help themselves to go to college. What can a child do in the process of higher education?It’s been a puzzle with no corners to create a frame around.

I am a product of the 1950’s raised in a military family with seven children.
I quit school after 10th grade to marry and have children. My own children did not go to college and one of them quit school and never returned. This being said I am deeply committed to the possibility of college for my grandchildren. Your educating of this grandmother has been very valuable as I encourage them to get some “skin in the game” and seek scholarships so that they can earn their way into the college they want.

Thank you so much for all that you do for all the children you serve.”

Suzzy Canny, Childhelp Buena Ventura Chapter, Education and Awareness Chair


I’m amazed at your knowledge of the labyrinth of scholarships.

“Nancy, thank you so much for volunteering your time to speak last night. I definitely keyed in to what you said. To say that I’m impressed is an understatement. I’m amazed at your knowledge of this labyrinth of scholarships.
I’m very interested in your working with my daughter!”

David, father of a 9th grader


Your ideas are a great help!

“Thank you very much for your insight. Your ideas are a great help in guiding me to find scholarships for Ashley.”

Robert A., father of a senior


Your presentation was fantastic!

Amelia B., mother


Your book is awesome!

“Thank you for speaking last night. I appreciate the information,
and am grateful to have chatted with you briefly after the session.
BTW-Your book, The Little Book About Scholarships, is awesome!”

Gary M., father


I highly recommend Nancy!

“I highly recommend Nancy and Three Wishes Scholarships for anyone looking for help paying for college.”

Camille B., college student


Thank you so very much.

“Thank you so very much for lightening up the way for us.”

Maria, mother


Prepared for college. Empowered for life.TM