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Rising College Costs Can Benefit Teens

Skyrocketing college costs definitely cause a lot of hardship for a lot of families. And the $1.3 of student college debt is a huge problem with many negative consequences. But what if the rising cost of college also created opportunities ...
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How to Ace a Skype Scholarship Interview

Whether it’s for a scholarship, admissions, internship or a job, interviews offer a great opportunity to showcase your personality, character, passion and qualifications.  Interviews provide a great opportunity to connect with judges beyond the written word. I often coach students ...
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Paying For College

How to Get Merit Scholarships

Merit scholarships give all students an opportunity to use their achievements to contribute to the cost of college.Depending on whether they are pursuing merit aid from private sources or from colleges, students will use different strategies and different achievements to ...
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College Visit

College Visit Checklist

College visits are important. They can be fun as well as informative. Planning ahead will make the visit more prodctive and ensure that you and your student get the information you need. When should you go? You may decide to ...
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Teens, Community Service and College Success

For college-bound teens, it seems there isn’t enough time to do everything. And the closer they get to college, the more they can feel pulled in so many ways and unsure about what’s the best use of their time. Parents ...
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