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Dear College-Bound Parent:

We’re in the same boat.

We want to give our kids the best advantages possible. And that means a great college education…and being smart about paying for it.

I began studying merit scholarships in 2009 to pay less for college for our oldest daughter and ultimately for our three girls – our three wishes.

That was it.

But winning $600,000 for their achievements changed the girls’ lives in ways money can’t buy.

And the benefits keep on coming.

Other families wanted the same advantages for their children and grandchildren. They were hungry for the information that took me hundreds of hours to collect and understand.

And Three Wishes Scholarships – named in honor of Rebecca, Ari and Kayla – was born in 2011.

Three Wishes Scholarships focused on helping families leverage their students’ achievements to pay less for college, regardless of their finances. We offered a range of services including private consulting, scholarship boot camps, and the More Money for College Conference at UCLA.

My book, The Little Book About Scholarships, became a bestseller in August of 2014. That opened more doors and led to more collaborations.

I also became a judge (volunteer) for UCLA’s Alumni Scholars program, a frequent speaker, and a consultant to financial advisors and college counselors.

The skills I had gained years earlier as a public relations executive have become increasingly important to my clients’ success in many ways.

Meanwhile, the competition for admission has become stiffer and stiffer…just as college costs continue to climb.

Students need to stand out to get in and pay less. They need a personal brand built around their passions and uniqueness. And they need the experiences, confidence and sense of responsibility to make the most of college and their mark in the world.

It’s become clear that Three Wishes Scholarships needed to evolve from our initial premise: Getting into college is one thing. Paying for it is another. ®

Our services have grown from advising families how to pay less for college to also creating strategies to enhance admissions and empower students with ownership over the college process.

Most college advisors focus only on admissions. A few handle need-based aid.

But today’s families require a three-pronged approach that addresses admissions, cost, and life skills.

It’s not enough to simply have a degree without synergy among a student’s involvements and a track record of accomplishments, independence, direction, and a strong sense of self.

The mission of Three Wishes College Strategies is bigger and bolder: Prepared for college. Empowered for life. TM

Providing our children (and our society) with the best possible future must start with identifying their passions, preparing them to enjoy all the benefits of using their achievements to pay less for college, and empowering them so they can enjoy a life of opportunity and purpose.

Three Wishes College Strategies is committed to serving as the cutting-edge solution to parents’ desire to give their children the best advantages with a college education that will launch their children’s futures.

I look forward to continuing to empower families nationwide, to celebrating our children’s uniqueness, and to helping create future leaders.

Please let me know if I can help your family, school, or organization.

Warmest wishes,


Prepared for college. Empowered for life.TM