It takes more than grades and test scores for your student to have the college education you’ve always envisioned for them.

Valedictorians with perfect SAT scores aren’t getting into top schools.

Meanwhile, the cost of college has increased 1120% since 1978 with no end in sight.

Increased competition and soaring tuition make the stakes higher
preparing students for college.
College is too expensive to risk gambling on.

It’s not enough to get admitted to just any college.

We dream of our children going to great schools where they’ll have the best advantages for the brightest future.
That requires a strategy in high school that goes beyond academics.

Three Wishes College Strategies celebrates your student’s passions, achievements, goals, and challenges with a branded

Three Wishes College FootprintTM

that enhances admissions, reduces college costs, and empowers your child
to succeed in college and beyond.

Your student is unique.

Their Three Wishes College Footprint will be, too.

Nancy Paul
President of:
Three Wishes College Strategies
(Formerly Three Wishes Scholarships)

Best-selling author, speaker, scholarship judge, coach and consultant

Her three daughters were awarded $600,000 in merit scholarships. The money is great. The non-financial benefits have been priceless.

Our Wishes for Your Family

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As college admissions become increasingly competitive and college costs skyrocket, our students must showcase their talents, interests and leadership skills to stand out in admissions
and win money for college.

Your student’s Three Wishes College Footprint starts with who they are and ends with using their achievements to pay less for college and empower them for a life of purpose, potential, and pride.

You’ve been dreaming about your child going to a great college since they were young.
We’d love to help!

We Are Committed to

Identifying what makes your student unique and creating
their Three Wishes College Footprint around where they’ve been,
where they are now, and where they want to go.

Celebrating your student’s achievements, exploring their passions,and validating their goals so that they make the most of college and enjoy a life of opportunity and purpose.

Providing our children with the best possible future by giving them personal responsibility in the college process and empowering them with “skin in the game.”

Fortifying families with tools to combat rising college costs, the national crisis in college debt, and an ever-changing world where our children need to be
adaptable, employable, and self-reliant.


Coaching For The Best Advantages

Our private coaching provides custom solutions and focuses 100% on your student with a Three Wishes College Footprint — a custom-crafted reflection of where they are now, where they want to go, and how to get there.

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Training To Pay Less For College

We’ve helped hundreds of families nationwide understand how to use their student’s achievements to pay less for college with merit scholarships and other strategies.

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Speaking To Empower Teens To Succeed

Nancy Paul is a sought-after speaker and best-selling author who inspires students, parents, and educators to empower teens – rather than enable them.

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Prepared for college. Empowered for life.TM